Steel Plate / Sheet

KHO Industries’ steel plate/ sheet contribute to improved safety of structures and higher customer productivity by supplying highly functional products. Our steel sheet has a wide range of application that supports various industries and the daily lives of people everywhere. Applications include home appliances, beverage cans, electrical components, construction materials, housing materials, automobiles and more to name. KHO Industries steel plates are widely used in a range of fields such as shipbuilding, general structures, boiler and pressure container, welding construction, machinery structure, offshore structures, and in the energy industries.

Shipbuilding & Offshore Structures

KHO Industries steel plates are used in cargo ship, container ship, LPG & LNG vessels, tankers, and offshore structures. Our shipping steel sheets and plates are also applicable for resource exploration (oil & gas), development, drilling, production, transportation and storage.

Building & General Structures

Our supply of steel plates and sheets contributes to the safety of structures and higher productivity, widely used for bridge construction, building, steel structures, construction and housing materials in offices and homes.

Boilers & General Vessels

With the ability to supply highly functional steel plates manufactured by advanced technologies, our products supports the development of energy industry. The steel plates are used for structures, pipes, piles, boilers & heat exchangers.

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We have an established international sourcing network with steel mills worldwide. We will be able to obtain and provide you with the highest quality steel materials at the most competitive price within short notice.