Mining Operations

KHO Industries is one of Indonesia’s most dynamic natural resource supplier. Established in 2009, KHO Industries has distinguished herself as a respected natural resources supplier in Indonesia. The firm has owned and managed most of her mines in the Kalimantan, Sumatra and Sulawesi territories of Indonesia.

Over the years KHO Industries has built up an enviable reputation for its ability to control physical flows, manage risk, optimize returns, deliver with quality and trust to our customers. The firm’s leading performance is reflected through high standards in environmental, management and safety for our employees and by creating value and opportunity for host communities and our stakeholders.

KHO Industries’ core production focus is primarily targeted at the following natural resources:

KHO Industries hold expertise in the entire gamut of supply chain processes in Indonesia that entails facilitating commodities which includes sourcing of mineral ores, shipping, logistic and warehousing.