Hollow Sections

KHO Industries offer a wide range of hollow sections, which are available in various sizes, dimensions and shapes and are used in the fields of oil & gas industry, petrochemical industry, energy industry, civil engineering and docks.

Onshore & Offshore Structures

KHO Industries consistent and reliable qualities of hollow sections are commonly used in the construction of docks, onshore and offshore structures.

Building & General Structures

Our superior quality hollow sections find application in various industries such as civil engineering, processing industries and industrial constructions.

Petrochemical & Energy Industry

With the ability to supply consistent and reliable quality hollow sections, our products are commonly used in the construction of mining sites energy plants and petrochemical plants.

If you cannot locate the item you are looking for, please contact us via Email at info@khoindustries.com

We have an established international sourcing network with steel mills worldwide. We will be able to obtain and provide you with the highest quality steel materials at the most competitive price within short notice.