KHO Industries consistent and reliable quality of fittings has an extensive range of application that supports various industries. These fittings are widely used in a range of fields such as shipbuilding, building structures, boiler and pressure container, machinery structure, oil & gas offshore structures, petrochemical plants and processing industries.

Shipbuilding & Offshore Structures

KHO Industries supplies of fittings are used in vessels and offshore structures. Our fittings are applicable for resource exploration (oil & gas), development, drilling, production, transportation and storage.

Building & General Structures

Our fittings are also used in building structures, processing industries and shipyards.

Petrochemical & Energy Industry

With the ability to supply superior grade fittings, our products are commonly used in the development of energy industry. These fittings are commonly used in petrochemical plants, pipelines, boilers & heat exchangers.

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We have an established international sourcing network with steel mills worldwide. We will be able to obtain and provide you with the highest quality steel materials at the most competitive price within short notice.